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Responding To Suffering As A Christian


SUBJECT: SUFFERING THEME: Responding To Suffering As A Christian TEXT: 1 PETER 4:12-19 SERMON BY: MICHAEL ATTA-FOSU INTRODUCTION Suffering is inevitab...

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The Power In Thanksgiving

TEXT: JOHN 6:1-14 SUBJECT: THANKSGIVING THEME: THE POWER IN THANKSGIVING INTRODUCTION: This passage under consideration is one of the notable miracle...

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Thy Kingdom Come

We don’t have to go very far back in time for a good example of one of these attacks on a healthcare or pharma organization. On June 27, 2017, Merck, ...

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On the Wings of Love

As the retail industry turns increasingly digital, customers are now more well-informed and connected than ever before. To take on this challenge, and...

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Revive Thy Works

Not many businesses understand the adage that “good news travels fast and bad news travels faster.” In today’s digital and mobile era, any experience ...

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Overcoming Challenges in Your Christian Walk

In a recent posting we discussed “journey mapping” as a tool for improving customer experiences in the healthcare sector. This week, we share thoughts...

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Maintaining Christian Standards

This week marked the topping out of one of the tallest residential buildings in Birmingham city centre. The 22 storey building has been funded by real...

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Jesus is the Answer

Design thinking is making positive waves across industries and is enabling companies to rethink and rebuild the way they do business. The same is true...

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Next Level In His Glory

Global Inc., a global services company (NYSE: GLO), announced today that the company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Orkin, expanded its presenc...

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