Assemblies of God, Ghana have the call and vision for reaching out to the lost including children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe in teaching (training) children in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).

The Children’s Ministry is built upon the solid foundation of Matthew 19:14 “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the Kingdom belongs to such as these”. The Children’s department supervises all activities of the Children’s ministries in the church. It is our mission as A/G for Children Ministry is to raise up children that are history makers. Our dedicated group of teachers are trained and resourced, driven by their passion for children.

From birth, children are exposed to teaching that reinforces our vision statement. They are:
• given opportunity to experience God’s love and forgiveness.
• taught how to make good friends.
• taught about spiritual gifts and how they can use theirs.
• instructed in how to relate Christ to their friends in everyday situations.

We believe in teaching (training) children in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). Our vision ;-
  1. We will lead children into a growing relationship with Christ by creating environments in which they will know God is; how He is like and how He wants them to live.
  2. It includes fun and age appropriate and engaging activities that will help the children understand His word.
  3. We are dedicated to seeing the children grow upward in worship, serve God and people, help them with their needs.
  4. To obey Christ’s mandate to reach and disciple all children so they will faithfully obey all His commands
We place a strong emphasis on the importance of young people. Today’s Christian youth must be tomorrow’s Christian leaders, both in the Church and in society. So we keep a vital interest in shaping our kids to be the adults that God wants them to be.

In the Sunday Class, the children of similar ages are grouped together in small numbers and passages from the Bible are taught to them by way of arts, crafts, and other intellectual exercises. The children and adults are blessed with a gifted and dedicated team of teachers.


Jesus! Friend of Children | Protect a Child! Preserve a Family | Children! We are the Future Leaders | Raising children where Jesus is King!!!

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Aim & Objective

The mission of the Children’s Ministries includes the following:
  • To build-up a working National Children’s Ministries Committee to draw policies and activities and implement them for the success of Children’s Ministries in Ghana and beyond.
  • To bring all Children Directors/Reps/Workers together in order to equip them for effective, colourful and successful ministry to children.
  • To protect and promote the Children’s Ministry through the media, apparels and special activities.
  • To reach out and develop children of our churches to become agents of change among their peers.
  • To stir up a strong and passionate desire among young people to become prospective workers of children ministry.
  • To raise and prepare children who will take up leadership roles and responsibilities in the church and the nation as they grow up.
  • To prepare a force of missionaries (Children & Teens) and set-up “AG NEW ‘G’” funds (Assemblies of God New Generation Fund) for children & teens in missions.
  • To bring together talents and professionals to form a team (Such as Research, Media, etc).
  • To help parents with issues of influence.
  • Facilitate the natural growth of the Body of Christ – in line with the House of Faith vision “to develop Kingdom Ambassadors”.

With these positive influences and activities, children develop firm Christian foundation to transform them into devoted followers of Christ.

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