The mission department is the arm of the church responsible for organizing evangelical outreaches and crusades for the church.

They are also responsible for following up on members and newly won souls.

The church universal is commanded to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Emmanuel Temple Assemblies of God, Ghana, is committed to the preaching of the full Gospel through personal evangelism, crusades, drama, music, planting churches and supporting the under-privileged ministers of the Gospel and their families in rural communities.

… Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all people. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17 Believers will be given the power to perform miracles: they will drive out demons in my name; they will speak in strange tongues; 18 if they pick up snakes or drink any poison, they will not be harmed; they will place their hands on sick people, and these will get well.”
— Mark 16:15-18 (Good News Bible)

Over the years, the mission team has been able to organize successful outreaches in and outside Asafo YF and its vicinities. This ministry works hand in hand with the Intercession ministry to drive its mandate.

It’s the joy of the department to lead the church in fulfilling the sacred mandate of the Lord; “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

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Our Aims.

We pray, give and go so all can hear the hope of the gospel. Our commitment extends to all people in all nations, regardless of remoteness, rejection, or resistance. All we do. . . so all can hear.

The aims of the missions board are;

  • To coordinate all missionary related activities.
  • To provide pastoral & church support
  • To organize crusades leading to the establishment or expansion of churches in all regions of Ghana
  • To provided financial support for the training of pastors in Bible Schools

Our Key Objective.

To proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to lost souls through all available means such as personal evangelism, crusades, film shows, literature distributions, drama and dance. To gather believers in one area for the purpose of worship after outreach programmes (Church Planting). To support under-privileged ministers of the gospel financially, assist their families and ministry.

Purpose of the Ministry


The Missions ministry aids the church in its vision to spread the gospel within our communities and beyond. This department helps us fulfill the Lord’s Great Commission to the Church.
We rely on the following levers to fulfill the church outreach goals:

  1. Crusades Regular outreaches are done through one-to-one evangelism, house evangelism, mass crusades and within other programmes in the church.
  2. MissionsMission work is very close to the heart of House of Faith as a church and our mission efforts stretch as far , where we have an annual mission outreach
  3. Cell Groupsone of the responsibilities of our cell group network is to reach out to the lost, through home visits, etc
  4. Church eventswe are always looking for opportunities within current church services and events to win the lost.

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