For OVER 3 years now, Emmanuel Temple AG Church has been broadcasting sermons and services across the airwaves under the ministry name Emmanuel Hour.

The Radio Ministry, in partnership with the ministries of Spirit FM, is pleased to bring you weekly sermons, every Sunday on the radio. Tune in every Sunday for a real-time session with the men of God who are well vested in the Word; as we delve into the Word; zoom into prayer and engage the Holy Spirit to take his place within us.

The radio panels are usually made up of pastors and church leaders from Emmanuel Temple AG church. Discussions are usually centered on spiritual and social issues, such as prayer, discipleship, marriage, parenting, finances etc. Testimonies and contributions are often made by people who call in during the broadcast.

Lives are being changed, people are accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior, the sick are getting healed right away, lame are walking, blind are seeing…all during our prayer session over the radio!

We count it a great privilege to preach the gospel of salvation and to minister to the saints by radio. If you listen in and are blessed we want to hear from you. Please send us a short email.

Prayer is the key to unlocking doors.

Locally, our programs are aired on Spirit radio at 6:00PM every Sunday and broadcasted live same time on our Facebook page @EmmanuelTempleAG. We do sometimes stream our Sunday services live on our online radio platform Obaatanpa Radio with can be access on TuneIn and ModernGhana. We are working hand-in-hand to broadcast our services live through these medium, hopefully by the end of the year and probably establish a pure gospel radio or tv channel to spread the gospel across board.

“The goal is to go verse by verse through a book of the Bible, making sure to point out doctrinal teaching and application. It is to edify hungry seeking souls of Christians, while at the same time preaching the truth in love, giving the gospel as it is to men as they are, hoping to bring lost souls to the Saviour.

Initially, we only had the intention of sustaining this evangelical broadcasts to reach out during the COVID 19 Pandemic Season; thinking it will last only for a season. Not knowing it will become one of our key evangelical and evangelism tool.

From testimonies from our live and online audience, we know that these broadcasts encourage believers hugely and also provide teaching they may not otherwise receive. We have therefore increased our support and motivation; encouraging us to continue on a weekly basis.

Prayer Request

All means available are used to touch hungry hearts with gospel music, preaching and prayer. Emmanuel Hour has become one of the HIGHEST preferred radio programmes on Spirit FM, with a high level of weekly community involvement and call-ins. These weekly calls are for prayer, testimonies, discussion, or question and answer sessions with our leaders.
Excitement is in the air, and the power of God is moving through the airwaves, touching hearts and capturing lives, all for His glory!!

Radio takes us into homes and hearts with the living word of God. We pray it is always a blessing to our hearers.

As we bring healing and hope to the people in all directions, we reach out to many listeners everyday, leading them to Christ. We encourage you to set the dial of your radio to the station.

If you need immediate assistance, please call us at +233 54 760 1615.

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