“Making Every Church Member a Disciple through the effective Teaching of the Word of God”

The Assemblies of God, Ghana adopted the American pattern of the Sunday school through the missionaries. Madam Scott and Rev. Opuni helped to promote the Sunday School in Ghana. A/G Ghana adopted the U.S. curriculum but the church is currently developing its own curriculum.

The main objective of the Sunday School is to teach the members to be well established and rooted in the Word of God, so that they will not be swayed by any false doctrine. It is also to serve as a source of encouragement for the members to study and have effective fellowship with one another. As the members get to know the Word of God, and are well established and rooted in it, they then develop the desire to reach out to the lost and perishing. Another objective of the Sunday School is, therefore, to serve as a medium of evangelism.

The Sunday school is an essential disciple-making strategy for the church through the effective teaching of biblical principles for Godly living and ministry. These teachings are presented systematically after a set curriculum by spiritually matured teachers. Sunday School is, therefore, an evangelistic, missions and a church growth strategy (building a healthy church).

Mission Statement

The Sunday School Department is committed to making disciples through the teaching of the Word of God for the Transformation of lives, building Healthy churches and sensitizing members to ministry with love, passion and faithfulness.
Matt. 28:19-20


“Making Every Church Member a Disciple through the effective Teaching of the Word of God”

This is the school arm of the church that gives the expository of the scriptures (BIBLE). This is the second worship segment of the church before the Twi Service on Sunday morning. The school starts by 9.30am with congregants’ departure to their respective classes and ending by 10am.

The respective class teachers are members that are truly born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. They are trained by the Pastors and Heads in a preparatory class on Thursday 6pm preceding the Sunday.
The school is headed by the Associate Pastor, Rev. CharlesAdomako Frimpong . He supervises the different schools. These schools include: The Adult, Youth, Teens and Children school with classes in them. There is no school fees payment.


The Purpose of the Assemblies of God Sunday School is to provide the church with a teaching ministry to reach, teach, and win the individual to Christ and to mature, and train him for Christian service.

Reach: This refers to the Sunday School outreach activities which involves making contact with those outside the church for the purpose of sharing Christ with them and inviting them to attend Sunday School.

Teach: Teaching must of necessity take place before a person responds to Christ. The teaching duration can be a few minutes or several days.

Win: Leading the pupils to personal encounter with Christ is the utmost purpose of evangelism in the Sunday School. It is also the beginning of educational process

Mature: Our goal for every person in our Sunday School is maturity in Christ as is stated by Paul in Ephesians 4:13; “Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

Training: Our utmost goal in maturing pupils in Christ is for them to become involved in one form of service or the other. Until this is achieved, our task in Sunday School work is not yet complete.

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