“A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother”

The Welfare Committee is the loveliest family to join at Emmanuel Temple, undoubtedly.

Would you want to be a blessing to a brother or a sister by a word (Counsel) that comes out as the mind of Christ?
Do you want to know how the edifice of Godly Love looks like?
Anything LOVE we are there for you. Come Join us and be a blessing to God’s people.
There’s no dulling when you’re in Welfare

 The Welfare Committee was formed by the church where it was formally inaugurated the seven-member Welfare Committee. The Pastor is the first line of contact members turn to regarding life changing issues and general welfare matters; he then refers them to the Welfare Committee.

The Aim of the Welfare Ministry

• To provide guidance and counselling on courtship, Christian codes of conduct, responsibilities of couples and families.
• To provide guidance on the sacredness of Marriage and assist the couples and their families on related issues.
• To counsel couples and their families on wedding etiquette and legal requirements, advising on their roles and what to expect during the wedding ceremony.
• Offering counseling and assistance to families who are bereaved and providing advice and guidance on religious and legal requirements.
• To visits homes of members who are sick and bereaved.
• Settling of disputes among members and dealing with the general welfare of the church members.

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